Foot Massage – How to Give a Foot Massage

There’s no better way to treat a friend or loved one than to give their sore feet a wonderful foot massage

While many of us have experienced having our bodies and necks massaged and soothingly rubbed there are very few of us who think that our feet might need this pampering too. A foot massage is the best type of pampering that we can give our tired and aching feet.You can give your feet a soothing foot massage or ask a friend to help you have a foot massage. To start your foot massage you will need to have your feet cleaned. You can soak your feet in Epsom salts,Guest Posting lavender or peppermint oil for 10 minutes in a warm water foot bath.Dry the feet thoroughly and make sure that even the area between your toes is dry. Once the feet are beginning to dry you will need to rub some soothing oil on your feet. Hold one foot in your lap and use one hand to support this foot.With the other hand you should begin to massage the top of the foot. For this part of the foot massage you will need to use your thumbs. Slow, firm, stroking motions that start at your toes and move upwards to the ankles are the best way to start this foot massage.When you are near the ankles the foot massage will follow the same path back down to your toes. The return journey should be accompanied by slow stroking with the thumbs providing the required massage. The pressure that is applied at the toes should be lighter than at the ankle. You will need to repeat this foot massage 5 times.Next in a cupping motion you will need to gently hold the heel of your foot. With your free hand hold the top of the foot and gently rotate the foot. The first rotation should be done clockwise and next anticlockwise.Repeat this step about 4 times to relax, calm and de-stress your aching foot and ankle joints. This foot massage must be done gently so that you don’t end up hurting your foot as a result of the foot massage.When you have completed rotating the foot you will need to give your soles a really soothing foot massage. This part of the foot massage begins at the base of your big toe. The foot massage for the toes starts with the big toe.Once your big toe has been given a de-stressing massage, the foot massage will then move towards the other toes. Gentle rolling motions can provide the ball of your foot a relaxing foot massage.Foot MassageBy the time your foot massage will have been carried out on both of your feet, you will have Foot Massage calmed down and your day’s stresses will have vanished as well. The added bonus is that your feet are all ready for walking around your home with no aches or pains to be felt. Thanks for reading our article, I hope it was informative in some ways to you, please check this page again for new information on this topic.

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